Saturday, DECEMBER 18


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DEC. 18th market vendors

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Azteca Gourmet

Oaxaca style tamales wrapped in banana leaf for utmost flavor and tradition. Serving a delicious tamale meal free of Gluten, GMO, and Preservatives. Vegan/Vegetarian options. 100% handmade.

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Black Market Ferments

Small batch fermented and preserved foods. Woman owned.
Colorado Local.

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Blissful Botanicals

Air plants.Succulents.Cacti. Together,lets make the world a little greener! Love. Laugh. Eat Caramel. 

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Blossom Baking

Small batch baked goods made with love. Large batch orders for parties and weddings. GF, DFoptions, Vegan items available.

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Wood, paper and lots of other materials that are transformed into beautiful products.



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Quality cottage foods.

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Kind Confections

Organic, Plant Based Goods Made w/ Love
ORDER ONLINE for Delivery
11/14 Piante Brunch Mrkt 10-2pm
Thur-Sun - Tonic Boulder
Sat - Nooch Denver

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Jelly Madness

We use local fresh and pure ingredients in all our products! We also specialize in making exceptional Sugar Free Products using Stevia and Agave nectar and Wemake Wonderful Gluten Free Baking Mixes!

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Little House of Tempeh

Soy-free tempeh - Fort Collins, CO

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Matchbox Candle CO

MatchBox Candle Co. is Proud to be one of the Top Candle Retailers for 100% Premium Soy Wax Candles. All of our candles are hand poured slowly in our small chandlery and are created using some of the strongest-throwing, fine-fragranced oils available on the market today.

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Metaphysical Creations

One of a kind, hand blown glass art and ethical jewelry made with eco-friendly and fair trade materials!

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Moonchild Candle CO

All Natural Vegan Soy Candles. Always phthalate and toxin free. Made in small batches with love.

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noice foods LTD.

Vegan Food Products! Visit for our list of retail stores carrying our products 💚

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🌿Vegan bakery in Colorado Springs, CO.

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clean juice

USDA certified organic juice bar in Colorado Springs

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farm to fork

Bringing the local farmer's market straight to your door. Eat Clean. Eat Fresh. Eat Local.

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Organic Food Store

🌿Organic products from 🇵🇪
👩Women owned / Military spouse 🚢

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greens gone wild

Keeping greens HEALTHY, WILD, + FUN! A 1/2 of a cup of SPINACH in every bar

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kids table

Vegan mac for your belly
Denver, CO

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vegan van

A rotating menu vegan mobile van.

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Springs Culture (kombucha)

Booch LIFE🌱SPARKLING RAW BOLD; healing from the inside out while balancing art with community.

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The Easy Vegan

The easy vegan is a pandemic start-up serving up vegetable-forward vegan food that is not centered around health or diet culture. owners alexi mandolini & taylor herbert have a combined 28 years in the service industry and, after losing work due to the pandemic, they started the easy vegan as a twice weekly restaurant pop-up in the university neighborhood of denver. they believe vegan eating is not a limitation but an opportunity to reimagine vegetables and their endless abilities in the kitchen and their worthiness on a plate. they intend to develop a thoughtful, flavorful dining experience unlike anything else in denver. 

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Twisted Spoke cbd

Quality products and outstanding customer service. We source CBD directly from hemp farmers. This helps keep our prices reasonable so you can enjoy CBD on a regular basis.

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Urban Farmhouse& Co

Wood Bead Garland
City meets country

Natural materials


We are an Herbal Kombucha company based out of Denver, Colorado. We are extremely passionate about working with natural, sustainable, and local products that are not only good for our bodies, and that have a low impact on the planet + its precious limited resources. We love to experiment with local herbs and learn more about the medicinal side of the 'weeds' and wildflowers that are home to our beautiful state of Colorado. 

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I desire art to be accessible to everyone in all walks life.
So whether you can spend $3.00 or $30.00, please do that.

I want you to enjoy beauty everyday in the place you call home.

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Crystal Connections is located in Black Forest, Colorado. We are a small crystal and stone shop looking to provide you with greater balance, harmony, and peace through crystals and stones.

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Hi, my name is Chef Panya Heard. I have a lifetime of experience cooking and care giving being a mom of 2 and now a grandmother to my 6 year old grandson. After I graduated culinary school from Johnson and Wales University in 2017, I waited to end my 20 year career job to figure out what to do next. My prayers were answered and I was let go from the corporate chains March 2019. Now it was my turn to make something out of nothing.

rasta cbd

We are a Family Owned & Operated CBD manufacturer & retailer based out of Manitou Springs, Colorado. We have long strived to make cannabis more accepted in everyone's eyes, regardless of the reason it is being used which is why we are on a mission to bring cannabis essentials to everyone!

four cookie

Peace, love + cookies

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fox fungi

Hi fungi enthusiasts! We are Rachel and Kevin and we have a small urban mushroom farm in Denver, Colorado. What started as a hobby in our basement grew to a blooming business. We love oyster mushrooms (the more varieties, the better) and exotic strains as well. 

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fungus farm

Here at Fungus Farm Colorado we strive to bring a variety of fresh gourmet and medicinal mushrooms


Honoring timeless traditions with a naturalistic pension for letting the wonders of biology to nurture & grow healthy bodies, minds and communities.

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jl goes vegan

Local vegan cookbook author and founder of the Colorado Springs Vegan Cooking Academy JL Fields will be signing and selling copies of her two most recent cookbooks: Vegan Baking for Beginners and The Complete Plant-Based Diet.

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Kelley Cultivates is your local source of nutritional microgreens. Serving the Colorado Springs region and surrounding area.

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 In an effort to eat a healthier diet, I stumbled upon gourmet mushrooms in 2017. This category of mushrooms has more health benefits than many supplements and the bonus for me is that most of them need to be cooked in order for your body to absorb all the beneficial nutrients. I have always been dedicated to eating fresh, healthy foods, however eating the same raw fruits and veggies all the time can get boring! 

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Home decor, watercolors inspired by nature for cabin and mountain homes. Outdoor lifestyle accessories designed for your life

Fresh homemade gourmet jams.

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nu foods

Our dream is to deliver healthy, delicious, plant-based foods to everyone.


OCC Brewing specializes in craft sandwiches with a focus on house-made food. Here you’ll find familiar favorite sandwiches with a flavorful twist, as well as items you may not have had the opportunity to experience. Inspired by our travels and cuisines from around the world, our menu changes frequently so there is always something new to try.

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Inspired by the strange and unusual.
Home fragrances and other curio.
CLP compliant&insured.

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sea shepHErd

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international non-profit with a worldwide presence and a mission to protect all marine animals.

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slice of

Our mission is to create more of consciousness around nature and how we all treat Mother Earth.

We hope that our fruit jewelry will spark joy and inspire others to live a more sustainable lifestyle and protect the beautiful nature that surrounds us all.

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We believe every dog deserves to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, and that starts with what we feed them.

Here at Snuggles Snacks, we freshly bake your order to ensure optimum freshness for your pups. We NEVER add any artificial ingredients, corn, soy, or wheat. We also have grain-free options! 

Our all-natural and delicious treats are individually handcrafted and made with love! 

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urban farmhouse

Did you know I can't drink ACV straight? Nope, not a thing and I tried desperately in 2019 for 3 straight weeks in decreasing amounts but I could not do it. Luckily, I read an article in what I remember was National Geographic, titled something like "What is a Shrub?". Immediately, I was intrigued because the picture was these beautiful liquids, not a green plant. Fast forwarding, 2020 was my R&D time testing different fruit, vegetable, spice and herb combos. Needless to say, I and my hubby ate ALOT of salads using my shrubs and EVOO as my salad dressing and tested my own cocktail concoctions. Some combos were GREAT, some GOOD & some were CRAPPY! Umm, on the crappy side...I will no longer make MANGO GINGER SHRUB. Don't know what I was thinking on that one. Maybe someone likes it just not me.

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best ranch

Yes, it really is The World's Best Ranch. Seriously, try it... let your tastebuds decide! All of our ranch is 100% vegan, totally gluten-free, and guaranteed to be tasty AF. Try all 5 glorious flavors: Original Ranch, Bacon Ranch, Buffalo Ranch, Fiesta Ranch, and Sriracha Ranch



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venus spice

One hundred years ago, a woman named Bracha invented Middle Eastern cuisine and changed the culinary world forever. Okay, that's not exactly true, but she did travel hundreds of miles by foot, from Yemen to present day Israel, and brought with her some of the region's most extraordinary flavors. And she was not the only one. Millions of other immigrants made their way to Israel and helped shape its cuisine as we know it today.

bobi sox

Apparel, clothing and of course, SOX!


simple body

Simple Body believes that skincare should be simple. Our mission is to formulate and manufacture clean, plant-based, affordable products for all.

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good life refuge

Our mission is to provide a safe haven for at-risk and abused farm animals

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Small batch craft Kombucha made with ❤️ in Manitou Springs, Colorado

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Life is what you bake it!

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run mental

We help runners and active adults overcome injury, get back to training and do more than they thought possible without invasive procedures and the unnecessary circles of medical testing.

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momo xo art

What's your ART FLO'?